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Events & Conferences

Training Seminar On Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The Ghana Chamber of Mines has the pleasure to invite you to its 2015 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Training Seminar dubbed: “Deepening EIA knowledge for a responsible and sustainable mining in Ghana”.  The seminar is slated for 23rd to 26th March, 2015 at the Royal Senchi Hotel, Senchi.

Objective:  The EIA Training Seminar seeks to offer hands on refresher training for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers and Mine Managers. It is also targeted at Project Managers, Environmental Managers, Public and Community Relations Managers, Environmental Consultants, and Officials of mining companies who are involved in the content development and documentation of EIAs.
Outcomes:  At the end of the seminar, participants should be able to present acceptable EIA proposals that would                    simplify and speed up the permitting process.
Resource Persons:   The workshop would be resourced by officials of the EPA. In attendance will be officials from the Minerals Commission, and Water Resources Commission.
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, Former Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Mines.
Target: Personnel that have linkages with the EIA process
•             Presidents/Vice Presidents
•             Managing Directors
•             Mine Planning Managers/Officers/Supt
•             Technical Service Departments
•             Environmental Managers/ Supt/Officers
•             Rehabilitation Superintendent/ managers/officers
•             Community Affairs Manager/ Supt/officers
•             Geologist/Geology & Exploration Department
•             Corporate Offices
•             General Managers,
•             Contract/Procurement,
•             Community Affairs and Public Relations,
•             Mining, Metallurgy and Geologists.
•             Processing, Civil / Operations department,
•             Water and Tailings Managers.
•             Mine Managers,
•             Project Managers,
•             Mining Engineer and Mine Planners,
•             Process Managers,
•             Hydrologists,
•             External Relations Managers,
•             Legal Team,
•             Environmental Consultants

Please forward all questions and registration to Ahmed Nantogmah. Tel. +233 244322894. Email  or

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