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Inter-Mines Safety Competition Kicks Off

The 2016 National Inter-Mines First Aid and Safety Competition (NMFASC) is set to commence on 17th July, 2016 with four teams competing on national television for supremacy in first aid and safety procedures.

The Competition is an annual event to showcase the mining industry’s awareness and preparedness to mitigate health and safety impacts in the mines and mining communities. Furthermore it serves as a platform to disseminate knowledge on health, safety, and first aid to residents in mining communities and the Ghanaian populace.

The 2016 competition themed: “Safety, our way of life” will be held under the collaborative auspices of the Ghana Chamber of Mines and the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission (IDMC) with support from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, and St. John Ambulance.


The teams are divided into three zones from which winners of each zone will make it to the grand finale. The host mine of the grand finale will also participate in the final competition as the fourth participating team.

The competition is divided into two components: The oral (40%) and practical (60%) modules. As was the case last year, the 2016 edition will be televised live on GTV’s ‘What Do You Know’ programme on Sundays.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber of Mines, Mr. Sulemanu Koney, stated that: “the Chamber expects the 2016 edition to be more competitive to project the tenets of the mining industry in safeguarding the lives of its employees and residents in host communities.”

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