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Chamber of Mines Congratulates Journalist Seth Kwame Boateng

The Ghana Chamber of Mines has congratulated Seth Kwame Boateng for winning the Best Environmental Reporting award at the 2016 Ghana Journalists Association Awards ceremony held on 27th August, 2016. Mr. Boateng was presented with the citation by the President of the Chamber, Mr. Kwame Addo-Kufuor, for his excellent expose on environmental hazards on the lives of people.

The Chamber sponsored the award for Best Environmental Reporting to encourage world class reportage on Ghana’s environment and to promote responsible mining as well as other corporate activities that can impact negatively on the environment if not regulated.

Mr. Kwame Boateng won the 2015 Journalist of the Year award for his stellar documentary on epilepsy titled ‘I Fall, I Shake, I Die’. He followed this performance with another exemplary one by winning three awards at the 2016 event.

The Chamber is an ardent supporter of responsible journalism and has, since last year, partnered organisations such as the GJA to recognize journalists whose objective reportage contribute to a sustainable Ghanaian ecology.

Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, Mr Sulemanu Koney stated in an interview that the hard work of journalists such as Mr. Kwame Boateng ensures that we are held accountable for our immediate environments. He stated that the Chamber of Mines, as a responsible entity, will continue to support the media and communities to make environmental management and sustainability a key aspect of the operations of mining companies.

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